How to Overcome Gastritis

Gastritis is usually triggered by indigestion which causes an irritation in the stomach lining. When acid is produced in excess in the digestive system to help digestion, that's when Gastritis naturally happens. It usually worsens with stress, alcohol, chemicals, surgeries, severe injury or illness.

Simple home remedies can prevent and cure mild forms of gastritis natural. Chewing fresh ginger right before a meal, coconut water, a cup of potato juice, chewing roasted fennel at the end of each meal - all help to break down the food in the stomach and thus prevent gastritis. It has also been noticed that chewing of cloves and drinking a glass of milk is comforting for the stomach. Albeit, Cow's milk works better than buffalo's milk.

Useful Herbs in the Treatment of Gastritis: Bitter Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) The tea of the bitter chamomile is effective in allaying the gastritis that is caused due to tensions and worries.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) The extract of ginger is effective in treating the acid dyspepsia that is associated with gastritis. It is especially useful for people who consume more of a non-vegetarian food.

Drinking too much water during a meal is a big no-no especially when you suffer from acid reflux. Too much water can dilute the acid in the stomach which does not help with the digestion process. Instead, only drink some water 45 minutes before and after every meal.

Vitamin C has the capacity to help in the absorption of iron and calcium salts in the body. This eases the digestive process. Therefore, the diet must be rich in vitamin C. Foods that contain vitamin C to a commendable quantity are amlas, oranges, etc.

Eating a light or soft diet provides a lot of assistance. Cessation of smoking and relaxation therapy can also help. Eating a diet high in fiber may not only cut your risk of developing gastritis and ulcers in half, but fiber-rich foods may also speed the healing of ulcers. Vegetables are particularly protective sources of fiber and seem to reduce the amount of inflammation in the lining of the stomach.

Recommended foods for individuals with gastritis include eating foods high in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables. Particular fruits and vegetables include bell peppers, tomatoes, cherries, blueberries, and squash. Foods high in calcium and B-vitamins are also recommended. These include kale, spinach, whole grains, almonds, beans, and others. Foods that should be avoided include all refined foods and most specifically foods with sugar.

Home Medications

Take one teaspoonful of licorice root powder and mix it with pure ghee and honey. Take this twice each day on an empty stomach.

Squeeze the juice of an orange and add some roasted cumin seeds in it. Have this with some salt in it. It provides immense relief in gastritis.

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